About Bribie Island Car Air Conditioning Repairs

Bribie Island Car Airconditioning Repairs

We have over 20 years of experience specialising in automotive air conditioning systems. Your vehicle is tested and diagnosed either onsite or at our workshop facility. We will carry out any repairs with the utmost integrity, professionally and at the most competitive prices. With the proper equipment and expertise of our vast experience we guarantee customer satisfaction. Ultracool Car Air Conditioning specialises in the following servicing, repairs and installations:

• Car air-conditioning – all makes and models of passenger cars

• Light mechanical and fault finding

• Radiator and cooling system repairs

• Service including regas and repairs

Cabin Filter Replacement

Ultra Cool Car Air Conditioning recommends that you have your cabin filters changed annually. This inexpensive component is easily fitted at low costs but with many great benefits to both yourself and your vehicle

• Allergy Protection – protects vehicle occupants from allergy causing particles such as pollens, dirt, dust, bacteria and fungus spores which may cause hay fever and badly affect asthma sufferers.

• Cleaner Vehicle Interior - filters out dirt and dust, which can build up on your cars' interior surfaces ruining your upholstery and cloth finishes.

• Cleaner Breathing - offers protection from minute particles that can damage your health and lead to respiratory problems, nausea, fatigue, giddiness and headaches

• Absorption of Gases and Odours - Activated Carbon Filters increase passenger comfort by protecting vehicle occupants from harmful gases such as exhaust fumes and noxious odours.